How to: Go Green Face Cleanser

Going green has become an expression in later years, but what does it mean? It means a whole lot of things!

Depending on who you talk to, it can be:
  • consciously behaving in as planet-friendly a manner as possible
  • being environmentally conscious with every purchase
  • preferring minimally processed products/ingredients
  • choosing plant-based over petrochemical based
  • trying to live as sustainably as possible in all aspects of ones life
  • considering carbon footprint 
  • shopping locally and supporting smaller businesses

I could probably go on for a while, but I think you get the drift.

Having been a self-proclaimed 'greenie' for as long as I can remember, adapting all these new additions to the definition of being green has been right up my alley.

Today, we're taking concept of going green right up to the maximum limit and making a green face cleanser that doubles as a mask.

Let's Really Go Green!

This is a newbie friendly how-to that you can use as a guide to compose a product to suit your preferences and use what's available to you locally, because anything less just wouldn't be properly planet-friendly or sustainably green, now would it?

Green Balance

The secret to this green cleanser is creating a balance of the ingredients. Clay draws impurities, but too much in the mix may leave skin feeling taut and dry. The herbs provide actives, your desired sensory experience, color, and a bit of gentle exfoliation. The milk is a real skin-loving bonus ingredient that adds a creamy, dreamy experience (that I am willing to bet will have you coming back for more).

LisaLise’s Go Green Face Cleanser and Mask

Ingredient Percent
Herbal Exfoliant 25
Clay 35
Milk Powder 10
Herb Powders 30


  1. If necessary/desired, grind any herbs to powder 
  2. Weigh out ingredients
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Transfer to final container

Important Storage and Use Note: This is a preservative free product and the contents of the container must be kept moisture free at all times. Consider using a container with a 'shaker' top so the product can be dispensed without risking exposing the contents to water.

Tip: Start with very small batches until you find your perfect favorite combination.

Want to see how I made my own batch? Here's what I used:

Herbal Exfoliants 

I chose ground hempseeds for this batch. Hempseeds are a popular item for sprinkling over salads where I live. These were purchased at a local supermarket. Because hempseeds have a natural oil content, they offer a lovely conditioning effect and very gentle exfoliation. I wanted a very fine texture so I popped the seeds in a grinder and pulsed for a few moments.

Check the top for a peek at a few unground seeds (at the bottom of the picture).
Alternative herbal exfoliants could be almond meal, ground oats, or even cornmeal. You can even combine exfoliants to your hearts content.


Since we're going green with this cleanser, I chose French green clay. You can combine clays according to your preferences of course. Check my Guide to Cosmetics Clays for a bit of inspiration.


Any powdered milk will do - choose what you prefer: powdered skimmed milk, coconut milk powder, almond milk powder or you can get fancy with donkey or mare's milk powder (the final 2 are quite pricey so you may want to mix with other milks). The pictured batch is all coconut milk powder.

Herb Powders

For some herbs, you can mix dry extract with ground herb of choice. I wanted this cleanser very green so I used a combination of moringa leaf powder, spirulina and dry extract of stinging nettle. The moringa and spirulina are sold in health food shops where I live, and the dry extract was a sample from a supplier I wanted to try out.

Other fabulous herbs that could be used are chamomile, calendula, lavender, rose, mint, or any of your own favorites.

If you dry your own herbs, be sure they are thoroughly dry before grinding and using them.

To Use

Add about a tablespoon of water to palm, sprinkle approx a teaspoon of powder and 'stir' to a paste of desired texture. Apply to damp face and neck and massage gently for a minute or two. Rinse thoroughly. A well balanced cleansing powder will leave skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturized.

Here's how my Go Green Cleanser looks when it's wet!

Make a Quick Mask

To use your powdered cleanser as a mask, replace the water with herbal tea, yoghurt, honey, milk or hydrosol and leave the mixture on the face for approximately 5 - 15 minutes before rinsing. Remove the mask before it dries.

Do Tell

Have you ever used a powdered cleanser? What were your favorite ingredients?

Make More

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Check this little herb grinding tip to make your powder perfection!


Ahnalisa Miller said…
Lovely combo! I could roll in the hemp seeds and not think twice. Who makes the dry extract of stinging nettle? LOVE that plant. Also, seeing success with the hibiscus tincture! Will keep you posted.
Cheers, Ahnalisa
Aimee said…
Love the base recipe! I'll be trying it out for my next batch of cleansing powder.
My go-to homemade cleanser so far was a combination of reetha powder (soapnut) as a natural surfactant, Morroccan rhassoul clay for added cleansing properties and conditioning, dried hibiscus leaves (which also have the benefit of adjusting the mixture's pH to skin-appropriate when mixed with water) and some aloe vera powder so the cleanser has some 'slip' and doesn't irritate from too much physical exfoliation.

Can't wait to try out your version with the goat milk powder I have on the way!
LisaLise said…
@Ahnalisa - teehee you got me snickering with your rolling in hemp seeds comment!

@Aimee - your combo of rhassoul and soap nut powder with hibiscus sounds like a winner too!
Pam said… long do the ground hemp seeds last before starting to go rancid? I LOVE the idea of using ground hemp !!
LisaLise said…
Hi Pam - Great question! The hempseeds I am using have a 2 year use by date on the package, so as long as everything is stored dry and not exposed to moisture, I expect the cleanser will be good for at least a year (depending on production date of the hempseeds you use) :)
Suhela said…
Hmmm that sounds great! My all-time favourite is Marie's Cleansing Mud Mouse @Humblebeeandme. It uses kaolin and rhassoul as clay. As herbs it has marshmallow root, rose and calendula petals and also turmeric, cinnamon and cloves. You can add salt as an extra exfoliant. It also has baking soda and vitamine c/ citric acid in it, which makes it a lovely mousse that fizzes up in your hand when you add water. The smell is amazing too, and I like to add a drop of EO grapefruit to that as well... My skin is a big fan!
LisaLise said…
HI Suhela! Thanks for your kind words and thanks for sharing Maries Cleansing Mud Mousse - it sounds delightful and I am now on my way to check it out! :D
Suhela said…
Hope you'll like it. :) I'm going to make yours too soon!