Hygge - The Danish Word for Cozy Relaxiness

It's the day after the big Seasonal celebration of Christmas Eve and for the next few days the entire country is going to 'hygge' bigtime.

What's Hygge? 

Hygge is a multifunctional Danish word that can be an adverb, verb, and more. Google Translate gives you the word 'fun', but this doesn't quite describe it well enough.

Hygge is cozy, warm, contentment, well-being, relaxation, friendliness, comfort, and love all rolled into one word-

You might have a hyggelig time
You might meet a hyggelig person
You might hygge with family and friends
You might enter a room or space and declare it to be hyggelig
You might hygge all by yourself reading a good book, baking, or making a cream cleanser (OK, I threw that last one in there but you get the drift)

Hygge is a little difficult to pronounce for non Danes, but if you're interested, you can hear it spoken right here.

Today (and perhaps for a few more days), I plan on doing some serios 'hygg-ing' with my family.

Have a 'hygge'-filled time until next post!

Wikipedia on 'Hygge'