Pure Plant Based Make-up - Is that Even Possible?

This is a top view of a batch of foundation tint sticks using exclusively plant based ingredients – even the colorants.

It's one of the things I've been fooling around with, researching and working on much of this year, yet haven't really blogged about (yet).

There are numerous different plant colorants in the sticks above – some better than others. The ones on the right have lots of color, but are unfortunately impossible to get smooth and even enough in this kind of (stick) product, while the ones on the left are not as opaque as I'd like them to be.

Plant based make-up interests me.

Not just plant based, mind you, but skin-friendly, nourishing, sustainable, and multifunctional all-in-one-skin-care-in-a-stick kind of plant based make-up.

In short: the ultimate miracle make-up/skincare for green and planet-friendly purists.

You: Reaching for the stars a bit, are we Lise?
Me: Yes, but I really can't help it. I seem to navigate towards this kind of challenge without even trying.

That's why this particular quest has been ongoing for a while.

In truth, it started over 2 years ago, but if I had written and posted about every outcome, I believe you might have fallen asleep and never wanted to read anything I wrote again – ever.

Plant Based Makeup Batch Count

There have been many batches. All kinds of different types of batches too.

OK, 'many' isn't quite correct.

Let's be more scientifically precise about this.

There have been scads.

With this latest series of batches, I have been working outside the cosmetics-ingredients norm and utilizing all kinds of different plant ingredients sourced everywhere from cosmetics suppliers to the local health food shop and supermarket.

Yes, you read that correctly: supermarket.

I'm still at it, but things are starting to take shape. Some of the ingredients I expected the least from have become stars, and some I expected magic from were absolute duds.

Hopefully I will have something a bit more detailed to share before too terribly long.

Meantime, every vegetable, fruit, and plant I happen across with any kind of pop of color gets eyed intensely and subsequently studied in detail as a possible ingredient.

This approach has also brought a few surprising discoveries, like where to find the best ingredients.

And here's a little sneak preview tip: the organic vegetable and fruit section of a supermarket is more of a winner than you might imagine.

It Kind of Started Here

This is part of a self-appointed quest to prove lipstick can grow on bushes. And if you recognize that expression, you might have seen this previous post from June.

Stay tuned and I promise to update.

Do Tell

Do you make pure plant-based make-up? If you do, please drop a comment because I'd love to compare notes! Which are your favorite ingredients?