Learning to Formulate Green Cosmetics - Options and Choices

I'm guessing I am not alone in barely remembering any of my teachers from school days past.

Except, there was this one...

He was only at our school for a semester before moving on. He taught Egyptian history (of all things).

I wasn't a fan of history as a teenager, but this fellow was so passionate about the subject, he literally 'infected' the whole class with his enthusiasm. Everyone looked forward to his lessons. We were 100% engaged, enthusiastic, and hung on every word as if he was some kind of rock star.

A history teacher.

I think of this fellow every time people ask me about mentoring them.


Apart from being flattered so many have shown an interest, I am humbled by the trust you display by even asking.

Some want to learn to formulate 'green', some are interested in my take on marketing and branding, and some are looking for 'an overall guide' to help advance their product development.

If there were more hours in the day and I could duplicate myself a few times, I would be inclined to say yes to everyone, but even a compulsive formulator such as myself has to manage energy levels.

Because so many of you have asked me about mentoring / how to move forward / how to learn more, I'm going to give you my recommended sources for these things today.

Some of these are with other people/organizations/colleagues, but I would not be mentioning them if I didn't think they were the cats pajamas (hint: that's a really good thing).

Shall we get started?

LisaLise Learning Options

Books - an Inspirational Kickstart

My own books are pretty much all intended as inspirational kickstarting-guides, and I hope you are able to find something to start with among them (and if not, I'm working on a few new publications as we speak).

I have intentionally kept all of my books in digital format for a couple of reasons:
  1. Instant delivery immediately after purchase – regardless of location
  2. Sustainability: no use of resources making and shipping hard copy
Since I started publishing books, there has been the merest sprinkling of requests for hard copy, but I am keeping track. If it starts looking like there is enough interest, I will consider looking into doing a short run of hard copies.

For a peek at the selection of available e-books by me, please visit the shop right here.

One on One With LisaLise

If you are interested in my input on anything cosmetics-related, it is possible to book consultations with me 'as needed'.

Some use this as a kind of 'mentor-to-go' feature and it is the preferred option for some of the folks I do regular consultations with.

I offer half hour and full hour consultations which are conducted via online video hookup and they are all 100% confidential.

Some of my clients like to 'save up questions' so they can cover a series of queries (say that fast 3 times, then continue reading) in a single consultation.

And here's a little tip: repeat consultations receive a loyalty code for a discounted price.

Courses and Schools

Learn About Herbs and Plants: Sign up for a Course

If you are excited about going roots and want to learn how to recognize plants, forage, process and use them for everything from food to skincare, Medical Herbalist Vivienne Campbell at the Herbal Hub is a top notch teacher.

Her Learn With the Seasons Courses are educational, inspirational, and fun!

Tip: sign up for Vivienne's newsletter – it's free and every one is chock full of fabulous information.

Learn about Lipids: Sign up for a Course / Book

Susan M Parker is the leading authority on understanding and working with fixed / carrier oils and her book The Power of the Seed is a must-have.

She also offers an online course, Lipids Decoded that is open a few times a year. Her Facebook group (mentioned below is also worth a visit)

Tip: get a free online mini course from Susan right here.

Learn About Essential Oils: Sign up for a Course / Book

Robert Tisserand - the guru of essential oils - has spent his life studying and researching essential oils.

His iconic book: Essential Oil Safety is a comprehensive and indispensable resource and quite simply a must-have if you want to work with essential oils.

There is also an online learning option. Visit the Tisserand Institute to study essential oil basics online.

Formalized Education: Enroll in a School

We can all be thankful the world is as connected as it is today: it's really possible to learn so many skills online!

Being able to study in the comfort of your home anywhere on the planet and at your own pace makes enrolling in an online school a bit of a no-brainer.

The hard part is finding the ideal one.

There are numerous schools to choose from when it comes to formulating cosmetics, but there is one online school that truly stands head and shoulders above the rest.

For professionalism, quality of information, excellent support and community spirit, these folks are hands down the best I've seen.

The absolute the leaders of the pack are Formula Botanica.

If they had been around when I was starting out, I wouldn't have thought twice about enrolling in every course they offer.

Free Stuff For Self Education

There are numerous freebie possibilities in the form of blogs and online journals written by professionals willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Blogs and Online Journals

On a blog, you do have to do your own digging for information, but there is quality information to be had from these sources – all written by knowledgable and talented colleagues:

Forums and Groups

Many professional formulators are also participants, hosts, moderators, and/or administrators of online forums and groups.

Join a forum where you can exchange information and learn from (and with) others.

I would like to emphasize the exchange information part.

Even if you are a newbie - there is no reason to be shy or embarrassed. Everyone has something to offer! Be a good participant - be ready to contribute and bring a positive, friendly attitude.

Here are some helpful online forums (each require membership)

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That was really helpful!Thank you so much for all the knowledge that you share!
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Konstantina - You are most welcome! :)