Preservative Free Cosmetics - a Complete Guide for Beginners

So many people have asked me if I offer courses.

While I look into that (and thank you one and all for asking!), I hope you will consider what's pictured up there as an all-in-one-course-in-a-book.

It's a complete introduction to making your own natural cosmetics.

I wrote this to be 100% beginner-friendly, but have also included inspiration for more experienced artisans as well.

I thought long and hard about what to call it, and in the end decided it would be best if the title explained the contents, so it's a bit lengthy: Make Your Own Preservative-Free Natural Cosmetics with 21 Ingredients

Would you like to know a bit more?


Then please read on!

Make Everything in the Book With Only 21 Ingredients

You need a grand total of 21 ingredients to make EVERYTHING in this book - some of which can even be sourced at your local supermarket.

I've included an entire section about ingredients: what you need to know, how to check for quality, and where to get everything you need.

You won't even need to buy all the ingredients at once. The most ingredient-laden formula has 8 ingredients.

Less is More: Preservative Free, Yet Months of Shelf Life

There are no preservatives in sight, yet the products you are about to learn how to make have months of shelf life. Although every formula is beginner-friendly, there has been no compromise on the quality of the products.

This book is an expression of the less-is-more philosophy that is key to my formulating style: paring back to the most effective synergy – where every ingredient is equally important and each is allowed to shine.

I've done my utmost to give you the most luxurious, skin- and hair pampering solutions with the most multifunctional, easy-to-source ingredients and clear, detailed instructions on the planet.

When I say on the planet, I mean it. I know you gorgeous people are located all over the globe in every imaginable climate, so I've done my absolute best to take that into consideration with every selected ingredient as well.

Hard Core Green Through and Through

This publication is my best attempt at providing solutions to every request from every hard-core purist in one publication. You purists really inspired me to go all out to meet the most stringent hard-core-green requirements, but I think you're going to be happy.

As a matter of fact, I think you might even be thrilled.

You want to go green?

Well, all right then, let's get busy!

If you have ever considered making your own skincare but didn't know where to start, this book is for you.

This book is also for you if you
  • dream of getting back to basics
  • love natural ingredients
  • prefer preservative free
  • pine to make safe, effective deodorant that works all day
  • yearn to feel confident about sourcing local ingredients
  • require options for different skin and hair types
  • desire effective products that are easy to make
  • are itching to make your own (alcohol-free!) tinctures
  • feel inspired by appealing graphics
  • are searching for ways to minimize your carbon footprint
  • can't wait to get busy going green for real
  • are a purist looking for new solutions
  • want a beginner friendly all-in-one-course on making natural cosmetics in one book

Are You Ready to Go Green?

Welcome to a world of natural preservative-free, handcrafted cosmetics you can make with a mere 21 ingredients.

This 'course-in-a-book' includes 39 unique formulas,12 detailed how-to's, loads of tips and pics to inspire and (hopefully) delight you.

See more pics, information, and the entire table of contents right here.

I hope you will enjoy making and using these products as much as I have enjoyed developing and testing  them.