Herbs Ahead of the Season

When summer starts coming to an end, it's nice to know there are seasonal ingredients on hand to last through the dark and dreary months.

Here is a peek at (some of) this years harvest.

The roses are from the 2018 harvest (in Bulgaria) and were purchased to ensure I have enough on hand for oil infusions, tinctures and glycerites.

The dandelion blossoms were picked and dried in May (read more about that process right here)

The lavender is a gift from a lovely friend who hand picked and delivered a bucket full of beautiful plants. Some bouquets were hung to dry (the heat wave this mid-summer helped dry them quickly) and some were processed for immediate use.

I keep my dried herbs in paper bags or cellophane bags like the ones you see above.

Do Tell

Do you dry your own botanicals for your skincare products? What is your preferred method for drying and storage?


Unknown said…
I use a combination of air dry on screens or my dehydrator. My harvest this year was tons of calendula and rosemary, almost a bucket of lavender. Some risehips and rose petals, chamomile, Echinacea, rhubarb root, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, tomato powder and a few other things. All organic and from my gardens.