Can Lipstick Grow on Bushes?


Wish said…
Yes yes keep it coming Lise :D
Wish said…
Thank YOU :)
I made a lipstick a couple months ago. Background story, i LOVE nature but it's extremely difficult making me spend money even on the good stuff xD So i had bought some very little supplies and wanted to check the beeswax i bought immediately with some very crunchy recipe. I found WellnessMama's 1:1 beeswax:coconut oil lotion stick and gave it a go, i tried alkanet root and other thingies but they wouldn't leech any color. I had this powder called Ochre, i mixed it in water and loved the consistency! (i later found it was clay) :D. I mixed the solution in after the oil and beeswax had mostly set. It hasn't spoiled ! Even though i live in a very hot city. The color is brownish with a very slight tip towards red and that's why i've decided i need some white powder for my next batch. It would make a very lovely deep red that way !
Just thought i'd share my story, sorry for the long post ! Oh and i also mixed i dunno what on the way, some fuller's earth, red camala powder, a few drops of vit E oil (the rest of the capsule had squished somewhere).
It does have some grit and so i've strained some ochre mixed in glycerin for my second go with a white color added. I'll definitely let you know how it goes :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Wish — thanks for sharing a bit about your lip product project. I hope your next batch is just the thing! Please feel free to share how it goes.