The Most Effective Treatment for Cellulite is in Your Hands

Pictured: perfectly normal cellulite on a perfectly normal pair of female buttocks and thighs (and because you asked, yes, this is a stockphoto).

You don't have to be overweight, under-trained or anything else to get orange peel syndrome - also known as cellulite. It's normal for most females. In fact, it's normal for over 85% of all females.

This bears repeating: over 85 % of females have cellulite.

It's that normal.

Does this mean we have to learn to love our cellulite?

Absolutely not.

Scientifically Documented 'on TV and Everything'

Today we're going to take a look at the most effective, and easiest way to battle cellulite. Here's the cool part: it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg and you won't even need to go to a spa or invest in fancy schmancy equipment.

And here's the bestest part: this has been scientifically tested and documented (again).

In the Fall of 2017, a group of willing volunteers in a BBC program called The Truth about Looking Good participated in a 14 day comparative study. Volunteers were split into 3 groups to test 3 different popular methods for battling cellulite.

The winning method showed a 26% improvement overall, with one single participant seeing a whopping 35% improvement.

And here's the magic that made the difference: the most effective method for battling cellulite is dry brushing the skin. 

See? Told you it wasn't even going to be pricey.

Why it Works

Dry brushing increases circulation, and that is a very effective way of battling cellulite. In the TV test, the participants brushed their thighs and buttocks for about 5 minutes a day using gentle circular motion.

This is actually nothing new. I'll bet if you ask your grandma about dry brushing you'll learn she has been savvy to the fact that increasing the circulation helps battle cellulite and even leaves the skin with a lovely healthy glow as well.

I just love it when something I've been doing for ages gets re-confirmed by science (even if it is TV-type-science).

Watch the whole program the Truth about Looking Good right here
(The bit about cellulite starts around 31 minutes into the program)

More About Dry Brushing and Cellulite

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Ilhem said…
I love dry brushing too! I haven't suffered from heavy legs ever since I started dry brushing and I confirm that it helps with cellulite.
LisaLise said…
Hi Ilhem - It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. I find it a great way to help wake up in the mornings and am amazed at the noticeable difference in my skin if I don't get 'my daily dry brushing' done for even a shortest period of time.
Unknown said…
No this is not normal... this has just become an accepted normal due to our current gluttonous over fat society... this is a first world PROBLEM... go to any developing or 3rd world country where obesity is not an epidemic and you’ll see what humans are supposed to look like and have looked for tens of thousands of years having to fend for themselves and having a horrid surplus of food!
LisaLise said…
Hey there WM — you make a really excellent point! Thank you for sharing this