Making Glycerites is an Art - Here's How

This book has been underway for a very very long time, and now –  finally – it's here.

Getting down and dirty with glycerine's capabilities is not only fun and educational, but full of amazing discoveries. 

Although there have been countless hours of research and zillions of batches along the way, writing the Art of Making Glycerites for Cosmetics has been a real labor of love.

Glycerine Know-it-All? I Wish!

Somehow, I hoped I would be able to peacock around and feel confident I knew everything there is to know about glycerine and making handcrafted glycerites by the time I'd finished writing this book. 

But the truth is, I don't believe I will ever be able to say that. Making glycerine extracts is an art that could take a lifetime (or two) to master. 

But guess what. 

The journey is amazing, rewarding, and 100% addictive! 

Formulas, Notes and Tips

Hopefully, my notes, tips, collected experience, and photos will inspire you to start your own glycerite-making journey, because I promise you I've done my level best to include everything you need to know to get a successful outcome with every batch you make. 

There are also 6 specially-developed formulas featuring glycerites to give you an idea of how diverse an ingredient a handcrafted glycerite is.

You Can Totes Do This

And if you think you have to be a highly experienced professional formulator to get busy making glycerites, think again. 

Glycerites are easy to make. This really is an art that's easy (and not even costly) to learn.

The Art Part

Because I find cosmetics making a visually pleasing experience, I've strewn as many inspirational photos around the pages as I could possibly fit in – both to illustrate the text but also to share a bit of my passion for the beauty of this art with you.

The photo below didn't make it into the book, but the formula for this beetroot lip stain did.

I hope you want to give glycerite making a try!

Do Tell

If you are a member of the Glycerite Making Brigade (read: are hopelessly addicted to making and using your own handcrafted glycerites in your cosmetics), I'll bet you make some truly fabulous and unique things and want to hear all about your glycerites in a comment below! 


Alana said…
That beetroot lip stain photo look stunningly artistic- I love the almost waterfall like design.
LisaLise said…
Thank you Alana — I do love the beauty of work with ingredients - whether I am making cosmetics or ingredients
Jacqueline Mayse said…
I made one with hibiscus and its beautiful. Don't know what to make with it though. Not I want to make Cucumber! I love your kiwi ❤❤❤
LisaLise said…
Hi Jacqueline - Oh that sounds juts lovely! You will love cucumber - it's so fresh and lovely!