Infusing Things to Consume

I know we've been talking infusions this year but today, we're going to talk about infusing something to put IN the face instead of ON the face!

Holiday mode has taken over around here and there are important things that must be done – one of which is making Santa's favorite Scandinavian winter drink.

It's basically warm grape juice infused with fruits and spices.

Ok, that wasn't entirely correct.

The grape juice is actually wine, but if there are kids participating, you can easily make a child-friendly version of this traditional holiday drink by replacing the wine with grape juice.

And as I enjoy the fragrant spices and sip this warm drink, I'd like to send you the warmest thanks for hanging around this year.

If you'd like to try making your own Scandinavian style mulled wine, there's a step by step how to right here on The Drink Blog.


Speaking of infusing things: if you haven't taken advantage of this special offer, there's still time!