Get Started Making Plant Extracts for Your Cosmetics - a LisaLise DIY Guide

If you have been following my Instagram account over the past several months, you've probably noticed an almost uninterrupted stream of infusions, macerations, herbs, and even foods being transformed into extracts of different types.

They are directly related to that photo up there.

I started writing this book last year, fully expecting it to take 3-6 months to finish. But it just kept growing and expanding until there didn't seem to be any end in sight.

Aren't You Finished Yet? The Deadline was, like, SO Yesterday

After seeing me become increasingly distressed over missing my (self-appointed) deadline, my husband suggested splitting the book up into a series.

Now why didn't I think of that?

So, here it is – the first in this series on making plant extracts for cosmetics. I named it Get Started Making Plant Extracts For Your Cosmetics.

You: Gee Lise, could you have possibly conceived of a longer title? I mean, there's still room for at least 25 more words in there! (snicker)

I know, and you're absolutely right.

But I wanted the title to be very descriptive of the contents, and there's a reason.

In all the time I have been researching and working on this series, lots of (differing) information on making tinctures and extracts for internal use has crossed my path, but information on making extracts specifically for use in cosmetics has been scarce to the point of practically non-existent.

So, additional things needed to be tried, checked, tested, and re-tested. And then double checked again.

Focus on Cosmetics

'Get Started' is for any cosmetics-making person interested in making their own cosmetics ingredients. It examines what to take into consideration when composing an extract and offers an overview of the different methods & mediums.

The book also has tips & ideas on how to choose raw materials and which kind of extract they are suitable for.

Depending on what kind of cosmetic you want to create, there are several options:

  • alcohol-based tincture 
  • vinegar-based tincture 
  • maceration 
  • glycerite

And, because I wanted the book to inspire you to get started making your own extracts, there are lots of pictures that will hopefully do just that!

This e-book is 76 pages.

Are you ready to start composing extracts for your artisan cosmetics using all-natural plant power?

Then please visit this page to learn more.

Do Tell

Do you ever start a project thinking it will be 'relatively quick' and find it blossoms into a mammoth undertaking? Please share in a comment below!


Carrie said…
I thought making and selling salve would be easy but even though the first steps are easy, making sure you are in compliance, that you can state your concentrations, that you're measuring correctly and can replicate it all-and labeling/record keeping - that's all tough (and let's not talk about the $$ - I give away most of it)! And even after I worked in a lab for years (but not making salves-QC chemistry). This has been an amazing undertaking and the information flowing around is amazing. I hope I get to the finish line!
LisaLise said…
Hey there Carrie - Thanks for sharing! It sounds to me like you definitely will get to the finish line because you are armed with the knowledge of what it takes to get there. Enjoy the journey!