Testing Active Ingredients

Testing and trying out ingredients is a bit of an obsession of mine - particularly active ingredients.

And if it's a new active that comes with promises, it has my immediate attention.

'Real scientific wrinkle-removing fabulousness!'
'Fresh out of the lab – never previously available – exclusive!'
'Four actives in one! Amazing results!'

They're Doing This on Purpose, You Know

Despite being fully aware of the various marketing tricks that are purposefully being employed to convince me of how urgently I need this ingredient, I'm a sucker for it every time.

Even after all these years, it takes a mere nanosecond before my order has been placed.


You didn't think ingredient manufacturers marketed and advertised their products like the rest of the cosmetics industry?

They do.

They have marketing departments and know their target group as well as the next company.

Order it NOW!

They definitely seem to have me pegged, because my order is often placed before I even know what to use said ingredient in.

You can probably imagine what the stockroom of a such a easy mark can get to look like over time – bottles and packets with all kinds of promises – all waiting to be tested and catalogued.

I used to add every new ingredient from impulse orders into a single formula – all at once and all at maximum recommended dosage.

(Shall we pause for little giggle?)

Obviously, this method can only result in a completely muddled picture of which ingredients may be providing skincare magic and which ingredients are just along for the (marketing) ride.

As time passed, a semi-organized testing method developed into a more organized testing method that is now quite effective for me.

Stay tuned and I'll share a few ingredients testing tips you may find helpful in your own product development.

Do Tell

Do you have a weakness for ordering new cosmetics ingredients and tend to try everything at once?


Hahaha. I am exactly the same. I have tons of ingredient samples. And every time I am envisioning a new product, I want to stuff it with all the actives I know. Kind of go for the kill in a desire of making that one product that will make a skin overhaul overnight.
How did you train yourself to test one at a time?
LisaLise said…
Hi Sweetsation - Nice to know I'm not the only one!
Signe said…
Okey... we definitely have different kind of shopping places for our ingredients- ;) Most of the time I order from two little Finnish netstore, and they don't advertise too much. They are not offering any samples during the ordering process, but you might get something extra every now and then.
LisaLise said…
HI Signe - I don't get many free samples. Matter of fact, I think the first free samples I have gotten are relatively recent. I'm used to paying for everything - even for samples.
Mamasan said…
Boy was this a timely and kindred spirit posting! I am constantly suffering from "why the heck did I buy this additive, extract, etc..." I definitely need to get more organized with a list of what each thing is, what was my intention when I purchased it (ie, this would be great in my "eye serum" or something like that...I order it, and then by the time I get around to trying to create something, I can't remember why I ordered the ingredients, lol). So funny to think of many of us in the same boat!! Thanks for the article!
LisaLise said…
HI Kirsten - Thanks for your inout! You might just love the following post to this one- about getting organized. I'm glad I'm not the only one who suffers from this! :)