Handcrafted Lab Equipment

You know how you sometimes happen across something and immediately realize it has been missing from your life forever?

(please don't tell me I'm the only one)

Above: my latest lab acquisition. (hint: it's not the beakers)

Wouldn't you agree that making artisan cosmetics calls for artisan equipment? Like, say, handmade stirring rods?

Hand-crafted Stirring Rods

These glass stirring rods were hand-crafted by a talented glass artisan named Thorlak.

He custom made them to my specifications (insert excited squeal and giggle)

I mean, seriously, they look like little magic wands.


They ARE magic wands – each topped with a magical, hand-crafted marble.

Thorlak uses only the finest borosilicate glass to make these. And the exquisite fumed colors in the marbles are made using an age old Lampworking technique.

Are you thinking what I did when I saw them?

You'll find Thorlak at Viking Glass in Bournemouth, UK. 


These would make coming to work each day such a lovely experience. They are so beautiful.
LisaLise said…
HI Karen - I absolutely agree :)
Unknown said…
This look really amazing. Marble attached at the top looks so amazing :)
Anonymous said…
hi Lise. I wanted to thank u - I love ur blog, ur recipes and ur products. I wanted to ask u to share a list of equipment one would need to make ur fabulous products. thank u.
LisaLise said…
@GirlyVirly - Thanks - I love the marble at the top too!

@Anon - Thanks so much for your comment. I think your question of a list of necessary equipment to make DIY cosmetics is a good one and I will do a blog post about it as soon as possible :)