Sneak Previews in LisaLise Lab have Moved

It is relatively recently I started using a new social media app regularly, and I'll be perfectly honest – it's only because they shut down my favored social media app – Vine.

Along with glimpses of Copenhagen life and Danish countryside drives, my Vine account had loads of up-to-the-minute peeks of what I was working on in the lab.

It was both fun and a super easy app to use (even wearing lab gloves).

When you're accustomed to documenting your work, you get into the habit of seeing a good shot, interesting angle or fun tidbit of info to share.

So, I have (finally) found a replacement app. And it was already here all along.

Those little 'immediate moments' filling most of my camera-phone are now viewable on my Instagram account.

All this to inform the most curious and interested of you that sneak previews of what's in store for the blog, newsletter, or my website are now all right here. 

Please feel free to drop in for a visit, and if you do decide to pop op over, please leave a comment and say hi!