How to: Lotion Bars with Herb-infused Oil

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Anonymous said…
How do you determine the shelf life of lotion bar/ lip balm? Does an infused oil effect the length of time? I am working on some lotion bars at home using Calendula oils I have infused in olive oil. I am not sure how to determine how long they are good or if I gift or sell them do I need to specify a certain date? Can I add a preservative myself that is safe? Thank you!
LisaLise said…
Hey there Anon - The ingredient with the shortest shelf life is an indicator of the shelf life. An infused oil MAY affect the time length - it depends on the oil and herb used. You would have to do a few batches and tests to see. A guesstimate: with calendula in olive oil, I would go by the use by date of the olive oil then subtract a few months. You do not need to add a preservative to an anhydrous product, but you can ad vitamin e to help retard the rancidity of the oil. I have had lotion bars last up to 4 years without issue, but this was me keeping product for observation so it was sitting in my stockroom shelf for years.