Titanium Dioxide - Hold Your Breath, It's Carcinogenic

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Olivia J said…
You know some people will start misleading the public and start avoiding certain products because of this. I guess the same people who inhale silica are the ones inhaling titanium dioxide.

Since this is a carcinogen via inhaling, what does it do when eaten. Some food products contain it. Will they have to change this too and warn people, eating it can cause cancer?
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia- I know some people will start misleading the public. This is exactly why I posted this - in the hopes that people will look at the whole story and not just read the headlines. Titanium dioxide is safe when applied and when ingested. There is a difference in passing through the system (as it does when ingested), and getting stuck the lungs. Titanium dioxide is in practically everything. If you eat a daily vitamin pill, you are probably ingesting it. Almost anything that is white contains titanium dioxide, so I don't think it will be easy for people to avoid products containing it.