Why Shirodhara Made my Bucket List

What's happening here? Something that made my bucket list not too long ago. The woman pictured above is receiving a stress-relieving treatment called shirodhara.

The process is quite simple: warm oil (or other liquids) are gently poured over the forehead for a period of time. This simple treatment is said to induce a relaxed state of awareness, erasing fatigue and even making headaches disappear.

The purpose of shirodhara is to reestablish balance in unbalanced chakras.


The word chakra is from the ancient Sanskrit and means cycle or wheel. According to the Hinduism, a chakra is an energy point – part of the non-physical body but an integral part of the being.

I'm sure you've already guessed the country of origin by now: India.

Ermmm, Where's the Science?

Although the mention of chakras and balance may cause some people to guffaw and loudly bellow 'alternative hocus-pocus nonsense' (or the likes), there is quite a bit of science backing the historical claims of shirodhara's positive effects.

This therapeutic treatment exhibits measurable stress relief, lower blood pressure and other positive effects. Numerous clinical studies have been done on both adults and children - all with positive results. Shirodhara even exhibits the ability to help conditions such as insomnia.

The Therapeutic Factor

Because the very process of shirodhara involves a spa-like setting including pampering and relaxation is enough for me to want to try it.

Finding all kinds of scientific backing to the claims makes it a no brainer - shirodhara is officially on my bucket list. All I need to do now is find the nearest location. Maybe it won't even require plane tickets.

Do Tell

Have you ever tried shirodhara? Please share your impressions and experiences in a comment below!

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Signe said…
Well, I haven't tried it, but I have a very bad problem with insomnia, so I'm ready to try this method - I'm only consernd how I could try this at home? Plese tell us Lise, if you try this and how you felt it!
Signe said…
...I read something about this throuhg Wikipedia, and you are supposed to get some head massage at the same time -works with me, just tell me where I can get that all! ;D
LisaLise said…
Hi Signe - Everything I have seen about this ticks all the right boxes for me - head massage and all!