The Difference 3 Drops Make

This happened last Fall while I was formulating a series of products for a client.

Part of the series included 2 versions of a balm: one unscented, one scented.

The balm ingredients consisted of butters, waxes, and a combination of special fixed oils.

Pictured: batch 1 of both versions. The little S sticker on the lid is the scented version. And I know you've already guessed what the U stands for.

Hardly There, Please

The client was not kidding when she said lightly scented. The brief was for a 'very very light whisper of a scent – something etheric – more a feeling than an actual discernable fragrance.'

I mentally translated this to 0.08 %.

If you're doing a small batch and working with drops (even though it's not really the right way), that's about 3 drops per 100 grams of balm.

That's all it took to make such a difference in how this balm set. The above picture was taken the day after this batch was made.

Interesting, eh?

A mere 3 drops of essential oil can make this kind of difference in an otherwise identical formula.

So, Why?

Can I explain the exact reason for this reaction? Nope. I could maybe guesstimate a few things because of my experience and 2 new-to-me ingredients, but they would be guesstimations.

I can tell you this: take notes as you go along and your knowledge will accumulate over time.

Do Tell

Have you experienced this kind of reaction to products you have worked on?


Unknown said…
That is truly weird (yup, I know, a very scientific observation! Haha!). I'd be curious to know what you used in this recipe and what those three little drops were. They certainly made a big difference!
LisaLise said…
Hi Belinda - Thanks for your comment. I can't share what i used in this particular formula as it is a custom formula developed for a client. I can tell you that the 3 drops were not a single essential oil, but a blend.