How To: Green Comfort Mask

Today we're going to mix green things together and put them on our face. Why? Because our skin is going to love it, and these particular green things feel downright comfortable and cozy while they are doing their skin-nourishing magic.

It's green synergy at its best!

Let's make a green comfort mask!


For this mask, I have combined the following:

  • Moringa powder
  • Powdered Pumpkin Seed
  • Spirulina
  • French Green Clay (Montmorillonite)

For the liquid, a green tea and matcha infusion makes the entire experience pure green pleasure, but you could also make a fresh cucumber juice, use distilled water or even whole milk.

Making this mask is simply a question of taking a tablespoon or 2 of liquid and adding the powders to it bit by bit until you have a lovely, spreadable consistency.

Tip: Start by adding a teaspoon of green clay and letting the liquid absorb it before adding the other green things. This will make for a lump-free mixture.


Always apply a mask to a clean face for maximum benefits.

You can use a small natural bristle brush to apply if you like, but it is also quite do-able to use the back of the spoon you just used to mix everything together with.

Tip: Clay masks should be removed before they are completely dry, so to allow yourself more mask-sitting time, apply a thick layer. I usually layer up 3 or 4 times.

Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes.

This is the perfect time to sit and enjoy the rest of that cup of green tea you just made to use as the liquid.

To Remove

Soften and remove the mask with a wet natural sponge. Finish with a spritz of skin tonic, hydrosol, or liquid lotion and a light layer of face oil or cream.

Do Tell

Are you a regular user of face masks? Have you ever applied a mask with the back of a teaspoon?


TinaCPH said…
A spoon? I don't think so, I guess I usually use my fingers. Or a brush, og one of those little cream spatulas.
Love mixing masks! But honey is still my go to :-) Isn't it interesting the amount of new clay cleansers, masks and shampoos that are on the market now? And at really hefty prices :-o
LisaLise said…
Hi Tina - fingers will do as well. I didn't really think I would feel comfortable applying a mask with the back of a teaspoon until I tried it. It's quite effective. As for honey - it's my go-to as well :D
Luke Appleton said…
This looks amazing! How much are you using of each as I'd love to try it. Looks so good on your face.
Say maybe 25% of each? And then just add the water until it's a suitable texture?
LisaLise said…
Hi Luke - You could use equal parts or even go up to 50% clay and then adding the other ingredients as you please. Have fun!