How To: Easy Scrubby Bags with Oats and Soap

These skin-friendly oat scrubby bags are the easiest thing in the world to make. Have kids? This is a perfect family project that you and your kids can have fun making and using.

The idea for these came about as a result of making 'colloidal oats' where I was left with a generous portion of oats that were too big to pass through the sieve. If you also make your own soap, then this little how-to is a double bonus!

Let's get started!

 Ingredients and Tools

Small (single portion) muslin or terrycloth bags that can be shut tightly
Oats that couldn't pass through the sieve
Bits of your favorite soap


Place oats in bowl
Grate soap
Place soap in bowl
Transfer approx 2 tablespoons of the mixture per bag
Shut bag tightly
Use 1 bag per shower or bath instead of soap

Why Single Portion?

Because there is no added preservative and we are adding water to oats, it is wisest to make single portion bags.

Remember to empty the contents of bag after each use, then rinse the bag thoroughly and let dry before filling for next use.
Tip: empty into the trash, not your sink or tub drain.