Important Stuff Goes in Front

I've been working on a new book for a while, and it has everything to do with that picture up there.

The book is about making tinctures, infusions, glycerites and other ingredients-nerdy stuff only cosmetics making folks (and very patient husbands) could understand.

There has been quite a bit of stuff to research and test. Which medium is best for dried herbs? Or fresh? Or foods? Or spices? What's the ideal infusion time? Straining method? Is it possible to make a vinegar-based extract that doesn't smell like vinegar?

Every one of these questions translates to bottles, jars and containers of all sizes and shapes with different infusions and concoctions standing around.

They keep multiplying too.

Accessibility is vital. Almost every one of these guys need daily monitoring, agitation, and a bit of friendly conversation.

Stockroom space is full (read: packed to the hilt).

Decisions to make. Which shelf to invade first? Second?

Do we really need access to t-shirts? sweaters?

Those pants on shelf 3 can be stacked together with those summer tops.

Fast forward a few weeks: every single shelf of my clothes cupboard has been invaded.

I mean, who needs that much access to clothes anyway?

The worst part:  with my own space full to the brim, I now find myself greedily eyeing the unused corners and parts of hubby's shelf area.

Do I dare?

Would you?

Do Tell

Do you find your personal space invaded by your work? And are you the culprit?


ByOly Cosmetics said…
Tell us about the new book!!!I would love to get it!!
LisaLise said…
Hi Olympia - it's probably going to be a series of guides on tinctures, infusions, macerations, glycerites and more. It has grown to the point where it is too big and fat to be just one book. I promise to update when the first ones are ready.