How to: Calm Steam Face Tea

This is simple, fun, inexpensive, and ridiculously easy to make.

And it's beneficial for the skin.

Not only is a face tea a perfect gift or giveaway, if you package it up a little fancy (check the glass tube up there), it's also a bit of eye candy.

That's just got to be a win win win.

So Easy

Face tea is made by combining a selection of dried herbs and plants. You can create a blend to soothe, calm, energize, cleanse, relax - the possibilities are pretty limitless.

Today, I'm going to show you how I put together a blend labelled 'Calm Steam'. This particular combination is soothing, relaxing and cleansing.

There's no added scent, no extras of any kind - just a few simple ingredients.


For this calming face tea, I have combined 5 elements:

Witch hazel

You can, of course, create any combination you like. Try to choose herbs that will work in synergy and provide a lovely scent during use.

 Place your dried herbs in a bowl.


Check the previous face tea post (link below) for instructions on how to enjoy a Face Tea.

Have fun!

More Tea

Face Tea with Chamomile

Do Tell

Have you ever made or used a face tea? I'd love to hear about your favorite combination of herbs in a comment below.


Pepper7 said…
Lovely ! You have the most beautiful presentations. I'm a visual person, so I appreciate how gorgeous you make your products look. I was making face tea back when I was teenager suffering from acne. However what I made was a poor representation of a face tea. I read in a magazine how streaming your face could open up your pores. I would throw in whatever my mother had in her cabinets (herbs & spices) because at the time, I figured It couldn't hurt. My tea consisted of pepper, basil and parsley. It looked and smelt more like soup ! ��
LisaLise said…
Oh Margi I love your soup depiction! You have me chuckling over here! Thanks for your lovely compliments about my pictures. I must admit I enjoy the photography part as well as the formulating part and lab part.. oh heck, I enjoy all of it!

Have a great weekend. :)
Signe said…
What a great idea! I've been wondering how I could use empty glass tubes I got left from vanilla beans, and now I know it! :D Thanks, Lise!
MarĂ­a said…
What a lovely idea! The simpler, the better. Beautiful plants, beautiful presentation, amazing properties... Just a win-win situation ;)
LisaLise said…
@Signe -- this is not from a vanilla pod - it's somewhat bigger - but that idea does sound perfect for a single use gift!

@Maria - thank you for your always thoughtful and pleasant comments :)
Unknown said…
I make face tea using
LisaLise said…
Hi Unknown-- that sounds absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing