Discount Offer on Working With Shea Butter

It's the middle of January and in these cold, Northern parts where I live, the middle of the winter.

I've pretty much been slathering myself in skin-loving shea butter products since New Year: Oatmeal and Clay cleanser in the morning, Bare Basic Hydration Lotion for arms and legs, Super Soft Body Butter for feet, Lip and Cuticle Balm, and Whipped Butter has been my go-to nighttime moisturiser for face and neck.

It suddenly dawned on me that every one of these formulas is in the e-book you see up there.

So I figured your skin might enjoy a few moisturizing, pampering products too. After all, it's January. And winter. And we could all use a little extra skin pampering, couldn't we?

So, just for you - I put a happy-new-year-skin-loving-shea-pampering-discount – 20% off the normal price that is good until the end of the month.

That's a mere $2 per formula.


Here's the Discount Code: Happy2017

And here's a link to the shop.

Happy 2017!