Summer Holiday in One Day

This tradition started a mere few years ago. My husband and I had decided to visit a spa prior to the 'holiday rush'.

Our reasoning was simple: this would be our summer-holiday-in-one-day as we hadn't had any vacation time that year.

We both discovered it was indeed possible to cram an entire holiday into a single spa visit.

So the tradition took hold.

Our favorite spa has an hot tub on the roof. And when darkness falls (which it does mid afternoon this time of year), twinkling lights go on all around the roof, and the nearby castle which there is a clear view of from the hot tub – lights up as well.

Last time we were there, we sat in the dark with snow flurries and cold winds whipping around us for a leisurely 40 minutes - enjoying the lights and the warmth of the hot tub.

The picture above is a stock photo, but it's not too terribly far off the mark.

And that's where we'll be on our annual Spa Day: cramming this years (also missing) summer holiday into one day.


Do Tell

Have you ever been in an outdoor hot tub during a stormy winter eve? Did you enjoy it?