Shop Local - Globally

Holiday Season is fast approaching the Western part of the world, and many are trying to find unique gifts to give their loved ones.

Well guess what.

I happen to know a few people who make fabulous unique things that would be perfect gift items.

Not only that, they're all over the world!

Below is a list of artisans and makers of unique items to delight and inspire you. May I suggest you begin your holiday shopping right here?


My Bubbles (fabulous handmade bath and body products)
Vølve (handcrafted organic skincare with Scandinavian ingredients)
LisaLise Natural Skincare - (Here's an idea you might like)


Rustic Rootz (handcrafted natural skincare by Paula Norton )

United Kingdom

Almocado Naturals (lovingly handcrafted hair care for coils kinks and curls)
M Botanicals (fabulous handcrafted skincare and candles)
Formula Botanica (how about gifting someone an accredited course in creating skincare)


Body BonBon (Irene makes fabulous bath products)
Hop & Cotton (Ee Ting is an expert formulator with beautiful products)
Touched Handmade Soap (great for even the most sensitive skin)

Do Tell

Are you shopping local this year?


Signe said…
Well...I try to give DIY-gifts as much as I can, so I do not do so much shopping for Christmas. I think that my godchildren are not so pleased with this habit of mine.. ;) But I'm so bad auntie that I do not care what they think... ;)
LisaLise said…
That's the best kind if gift Signe! You are a good auntie! :)