Let's Get Real About Self Pampering

Even though self pampering might sound like silliness and unnecessary luxury, it is something we benefit from – both physically and mentally. The need for 'recharging our batteries' is often overlooked and dismissed.

"That's just not humanly possible in my house."

"Maybe I can slot some time in this weekend, we'll see..."

"Well, first I have to take care of everyone else, and then maybe I can find some 'me' time."

Sound familiar?

Then consider this: when you are at your best, then you are also a better able to give more of yourself to your loved ones, friends, and everyone you happen across.

This is why it is not frivolous to allow yourself a bit of time for self-pampering.

The Interview

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by a lovely lady named April Thompson for the American publication Natural Awakenings. 

I was approached with a question along the lines of: "would you tell us a bit about DIY self pampering and how to do spa-type things at home?"

It did not take much deliberation before I accepted.

Self pampering is a subject I never tire of.

So through the magic of modern technology, April and I chatted for almost an hour and had a lovely time while I shared some of my best DIY spa tips with Natural Awakenings readers. That's a screen shot of the interview up there.

The article is now live and you can read it right here (you'll need to scroll to the bottom to find the interview with me).

Your Turn

And if you want to know what we talked about in detail, I collected several self pampering tips into one blog post. None of these tips cost a much (some are free), and none of them require fancy ingredients or equipment. You can find them all right here.

Now, go forth and self pamper!

Do Tell

Do you allow yourself enough 'me' time?


Signe said…
I so agree that "when you are at your best, then you are also a better able to give more ...". And when that self pampering is not expensive, I cannot see how that would be away from anyone else.

Here in Finland people still often think that taking care of your self is kind of shallow. That is something I'd like to change, I'd like people to realize that Lisa's idea.
LisaLise said…
Thank you Signe - You and I together-- let's start a movement! Self pamperers Unite!
María said…
Well, if you're not at top condition, how can you take care of others? Even in the plane they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others: if you've passed out due to lack of air, you cannot help anyone.
Don't you think?
LisaLise said…
You hit the nail right on the head María! :D
Gwen said…
I wonder if part of the problem is the words we use to identify these actions? Pamper....Me-time...Self-care, etc. They all make it sound almost selfish and while it can be, if taken to extremes, like Maria pointed out above, if we aren't functioning well, how can we give of our best selves?

For some reason, the problem of caregivers is coming up in my brain when I think of this right now. Often, when someone takes on the responsibility of taking care of their elderly or disabled relative full-time at home they get run down and yet feel guilty if they take even the smallest amount of time for themselves to do even the simplest things. (I can't go get my hair cut, who would watch him/her?) It's important to take a break from that responsibility for their mental health little own their physical health. Convincing them of that is really tough until you badger them to do it and they see the results.

LisaLise said…
You make an excellent point Gwen. Perhaps we should be using different words for self-pampering? You've now got me searching for more 'acceptable' terms for the same thing.