LisaLise Tries [M] Botanicals

One of the great things about meeting other makers of hand-crafted cosmetics is having a chance to compare notes with someone who has the same interest.

Being able to chat about ingredients, discuss the challenges of creating the perfect viscosity, agonize together over finding suitable packaging and labels – and other such things that are truly vital to the continued existence of the world – is really enjoyable.

And if you think I'm exaggerating about the continued existence of the world thing – just ask anyone who is passionate about making cosmetics. You'll soon realize I'm right on target with that one.

Above is a selection of products I have been trying – all hand-made by a clever lady named Bexy. Bexy's products are all about marrying nature and science (my kind of philosophy). Her company – based in England – is called [M] Botanicals.

As an extension of our numerous note-comparing conversations, Bexy and I have been sending each other a few of our products to examine, try out, and talk about.

Hello [M] Botanicals !

When this generous selection arrived, I decided to approach trying them out in a methodical manner – one at a time so the impressions could sink in properly.

Or so I thought.

That plan didn't last a day.

Within 24 hours, every bottle, jar, and wrapping had been opened, sniffed, applied, and then slathered on (well, not the soap- but you get the idea).

It has dawned on me while using these products that it is an absolute treat to try something not made by myself – especially when there is a bit of magic, surprise, and delight in each one:

  • The Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Grains offers magic, foamy cleansing fun when you add water (what a fabulous concept!)
  • The Hydrating Beauty Balm delights the nose and leaves skin supple and smooth.
  • The Rejuvenating Facial Elixir melts in and moisturizes beautifully (I'm almost afraid to admit how much slathering has been going on with this one – it feels sooo luxurious)
  • The Daily Rejuvenator Anti-Aging Cream pairs beautifully with the elixir, melting in beautifully.

And that bottle up there with no label? That's an exclusive, brand new product that I might well be the first person on the planet to test: a gentle, effective, non-sticky honey cleanser. Not only has it been a joy to use, but formula-wise, this cleanser is the result of some very clever thinking.

Thank you Bexy, for sending me such a lovely series of products! My ridiculously sensitive skin is enjoying every one of your creations, and I can't wait to continue our conversations!

Visit [M] Botanicals here and here

Do Tell

If you make your own products, do you also compare notes with colleagues and exchange samples?


MarĂ­a said…
If the best thing about home-made and custom-made cosmetics is making them, the second best is definitely talking about them!! XD
Once I begin I can't stop
LisaLise said…
And you are full of inspiration to me! I can't wait to show you the glycerine extracts coming up ... :)
Rosa said…
I'm also bitten by the DIY crunchy natural skin-care bug and it's got me good!
Unfortunately I don't have a lot to talk to about it, my mom being my strongest ally. (And sadly, we are not very close.) So I mostly obsess by myself and push it on to my friends, who don't really seem to appreciate (or understand) the magic and powers and wonders of all the oils and the dried calendula petals/stinging nettel/lavender buds macerating for weeks or the excitement of scourcing some new, wierd algae powder.. It's more like 'Eeew, does it have to smell like this?' (carrot EO) or 'Can't you make something with strawberry essential oil? I would just love that!'
It's ok :) I love them for all the other stuff we share.
Anyway..long story short - I've been making soap for years and getting pretty good, even my friends think so ;) I would love to send you some Lise! Please let me know how that is possible!
Thank you for all you do, I love your blog.
LisaLise said…
Hello Rosa - I do understand your plight with comments from friends and family. After ignoring the comments for years, my family and friends actually started showing an interest and asking questions, so keep it up! It sounds like you have some fabulous soaps! If you contact me via my email (it's visible in web view on the sidebar), I'd love to hear more about your soaps. Thank you for your kind words. :)