Foundation Stick - Batch 2 - That's Better

A while back I made a foundation stick that worked, but was a fail. The color was fine, coverage was OK, but there was a serious texture issue that turned up after a short time of use.

Here's batch 2. This turned out much better – no hard, lumpy bits and nice, even texture all the way through.

If you think that means this was a total success, I'd have to say 'only partly'. We're still not quite there, but I'll get to that bit in a minute.

Destined for Disappointment

This is why batch one failed. If you make a teensy amount (like, just barely enough for one container) and think you will be able to keep full control over temperature, mixing and solidifying, then you are destined for disappointment.


if you get some great tips from a cosmetics-making pro with scads of experience who is kind enough to offer help and advice, then everything becomes clear, the clouds part, the sun bursts forth – and suddenly – all is right with the world.

(Thank you kindly, Bob!)

It's That Simple

The trick to making a teensy portion (like, a single stick) is to create a base of all the fats and waxes first, then proceed with the addition of powders.

When you hear it, it seems so obvious, doesn't it?

With a ready-made base you can easily melt, stir, pour, and Bob's your uncle!

(sorry - just had to throw that one in)

Here's How I Made This Foundation Stick

Even though this didn't turn out perfect (a bit too much powder), I'm sharing the formula with you, because you might just like this texture.
  • 63 % melt and pour base (make your own or buy from a cosmetics-making supplier. the one I used here is my own)
  • 12 % foundation pigment mix
  • 15 % serecite
  • 10 % silica microspheres

Note: this pigment amount gives (my preferred) light coverage. If you want more coverage, you'll need to adjust the amounts of the powders,


Weigh out your ingredients (here's a peek at the portion I made = 1 stick)
Place base in heatproof beaker and melt slowly over low heat
Meantime, sift the powders together thoroughly (I use a dedicated tea sieve)

When the base is melted

Add the powder mixture to the base
Stir until thoroughly mixed
Transfer to container

Above: the final product. This was poured into a stick container from a new supplier so it didn't quite fill to the top.  Other than that - it's a joy to use and has been functioning beautifully and holding steady on texture and delivery.

I added a bit too much powder for my taste, so i get better application if I apply this directly after applying my face oil (which suits me fine)-

An almost winner!

Before This

The first batch 


Golden Goat said…
Do you care to share your foundations base recipe?
Lise M Andersen said…
Hi ! I'm pretty sure if you do a search under makeup a couple of possibilities should pop up
This is great! I am glad you have a better batch going for you! My first foundation stick was also a bit "draggy" with too much powder. Great tip to apply it right after facial oil! I use sticks more as a concealer and occasional foundation because waxes feel a bit heavy for me. I use an oil based foundation I make, similar to Gressa Minimalist serum. With my formula now, I use more titanium and pigment and less sericite and other fillers, but enough for smooth application. I melt my wax and add my oils, then stir in my powders and keep it warm for several minutes with constant stirring (live Gravy lol) before I pour. It has been a fun adventure coming up with a formula! I
María Zamora said…
Amazing idea! Thank you Bob and Lise.
I have to tell that creating a pre-made mixture also works beautifully for creams. When you want to create a mixture of several oils for skin care, Sunshine's it's hard for small batches. But when creating the oils mixture in big quantities, it's easier also to measure the smallest proportions more accurately :)
María Zamora said…
Bloody corrector... I meant sometimes it's easier... XD
Lise M Andersen said…
Hi Primrose Petal - thanks so much! I do have a concealer stick coming up soon. I like your 'gravy' description. :)
Lise M Andersen said…
HI María - OK, you actually had me at the sunshine for a second.. :D
Linda Hobart said…
I am intrigued and will start reseat hung where to order the goodies. Thank you for the magic.
Lise M Andersen said…
Hi Linda - check the sidebar for links to suppliers