Touched HandMade Soap

Making soap is nothing new, and most people don't give soap a second thought, but really, it's an amazing craft. Watching simple ingredients undergo a chemical reaction to create a useful product like soap is fascinating.

I am seriously impressed with people who handcraft soaps. And these days, I've been getting to know quite a few people who do just that.

I'll tell you all about how and why I'm getting to know a whole slew of fabulous soapers pretty soon, but first, I want to show you what I'm using in the shower these days.

These lovely items came to me all the way from Australia (wow!) and are made by a very talented soaper named GeokTeng Ng (she also goes by the name Angeline). Her company is called Touched Handmade Soaps.

Because I have ridiculously sensitive skin, I am using her gentlest, baby-friendly soaps, but check out some of the artistic designs she does.

Visit Touched Handmade Soap right here.