How To: Easy Matt Powder Foundation

Now that you've learned how to mix pigments to match your skin tone, let's make a matt powder foundation! The only thing you need aside from your pigment mix is a base powder mixture.

Here's the best part:  the base powder is a snap to make.


A snap!

Why Base Powder

Some might think it possible to apply a pigment mixture straight up. In theory, it is possible.


I'm pretty sure it would be a major disappointment to discover color migrating to creases, folds, and corners and either caking up or disappearing altogether – because that's what is almost sure to happen.

A base powder makes application a breeze, ensures color-staying power, and adds a nice feel on the skin.

There are numerous options for base powders depending on which function you are looking for. Some mixtures add a bit of light-reflecting magic, while others can bring a mattifying effect, some are transluscent and others opaque.

Todays mix offers just that: good staying power with a bit of mattifying magic.
This foundation base has a mere 3 components:

Formula for Mattifying Base Powder

20% silica microspheres
30 % micronized rice powder
50 % serecite


Combine all ingredients, mix thoroughly.

Mixing can be as easy as placing all of the ingredients in a clean dry jar and shaking everything together, or stirring by hand with a wire whisk for a few minutes to combine thoroughly.

Store dry in an airtight container.
Don't forget to label your mixture with a date.


Told you it was a snap.

Now, before you put away your mixing implements, let's make a matt foundation.

Matt Foundation Formula

50% base powder
50% pigment mixture


Mix together.
Transfer to container.


See how easy that was?

Coming Up

Do you still have more foundation pigment mixture left? Great! You'll need it for more make-up making fun in upcoming posts.


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Mix pigment colors to match your skin tone


María said…
I like to use sericite mixed with magnesium stearate, a wee bit of white clay and silk powder, this works week for me.
I like to include also within this base powder the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
LisaLise said…
Great combo Maria- there are really a lot of options for base powder, and this particular one is kind of new for me.
María said…
Have you had the chance to try bamboo powder or lauroyl lysine? It seems they are both great on skin and impruve the texture very much, but I've never tried them. I cannot find lauroyl lysine here in the UK and sometimes I don't really feel like buying a new ingredient just for myself...
LisaLise said…
Hi María - I'd love to give bamboo powder a try - also laurel lysine-- there are soooo many options and I end up overbuying---