Lanolin - Now Unscented

Here's my latest new ingredient arrival: lanolin!

You: New? I distinctly remember reading several posts where you work with lanolin, Lise.

Me: This isn't just lanolin, but ultra-pure refined lanolin. So it's brand new – to me!

This lanolin has all the lovely, skin-loving properties that lanolin normally provides, but it is not heavy-smelling, sheepy-smelling, or anything else undesirable-smelling.

It's scent-free!

(insert little happy dance here)

Even though I have learned to blend essential oils that work with heavier-smelling ingredients like lanolin over the years, it's always a joy to have a little more freedom.

And unscented lanolin is pure unadulterated freedom.

Never Before

Scent-free lanolin is normally only available to the big companies (the ones that churn out tonnes of products a week and therefore order 3 pallets of the stuff at a time).

All that just ended.

In England, there is a lanolin-friendly cosmetic scientist who has taken it upon himself to personally provide smaller cosmetics-makers such as myself with this ingredient – in amounts much less than 4 tonnes.

That's where I got these 2 tubs.

There's 200 gr in each.

You can buy ultra-refined, unscented lanolin from Colin right here.

Coming Up

We're going to be having some lanolin fun and make lotion bars, lip and body balms and anything else we can put  lanolin into in the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned!


Olivia J said…
I am interested to see what you make. I am not allergic to lanolin but the smell sometimes turns me off. It is nice to see and unscented and ultra-refined one.
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - I know what you mean about the heavy scent of lanolin.. it has been a challenge to work with that smell...
Unknown said…
What oils would you use to mask the odor before?
LisaLise said…
Hi Unknown - mostly essential oil blends :)