How To: Rose and Milk Face Cleanser

This pretty pink powder is not only quick and easy to mix up - but it's a multifunctional face pamperer as well. Use it as a face wash or, if you have a few minutes to spare, leave it on for some instant-mask skin-nourishing action.

It can even be combined with different liquid bases - depending on your skin type and preferences.

And, if you're a fan of the scent of rose, your nose in is for a treat.

There are only 4 ingredients, and I'm pretty sure you've already guessed what 2 of them are.

Are you ready to try making your own rose and milk face wash?

Ingredients and Necessities

You'll need

  • Powdered Rose
  • Pink Clay (or white kaolin clay)
  • Powdered Milk 
  • Powdered Lotus (optional) 
  • Container for your lovely powder

Tip: Can't find powdered rose? Try looking for dried rosebuds and then run them through a (dedicated) grinder. Be sure you are purchasing (INCI) rosa damascena for that gorgeous scent and optimal skin-loving goodness.


In a glass bowl, measure out
  • 30% rose
  • 30% milk
  • 30% clay
  • 10% lotus

If you want to omit the lotus, measure out equal parts clay, rose, and milk.

Mix thoroughly, bottle, and store dry.

About Measuring 

You don't need to measure this product by weight - teaspoons or tablespoons will do.

The exact amount you measure out depends entirely on how large a portion you want to make. For this portion, I used a total of 3 heaping teaspoons each of rose, milk, and clay, and a single heaping teaspoon of lotus.

This filled a 100ml bottle - enough for about 15-20 applications. A normal (unheaped) teaspoon is all you need for 1 application.

Choosing a Container

Choose a clear (PET) bottle with a tight-fitting cap that will keep the contents dry. A clear bottle not only shows off the contents, but allows you to keep an eye on how the mixture is doing.

A bottle with a relatively narrow opening may be a bit harder to fill, but is easy to use.

Storage and Use

I know you've heard this a gazillion times already, but I will slap myself silly all over the room if this post is read by someone who's never visited the blog before and isn't aware of how important it is to store and keep unpreserved products dry.

No preservative in the products means no contact with moisture until use. If moisture or water gets into this mixture, it becomes the basis for an instant bacteria rave party. Then it also immediately ceases to be something you want to apply to your face.

Using the Cleanser

There are quite a few previous posts on how to use these dry mixes as a face wash. Check this post for a step by step how to use this mix with water.

But - you can also fancy it up by replacing the water with

  • hydrosol
  • milk 
  • an herbal infusion 

This mix will also work beautifully if combined with the mallow cleanser gel we learned how to make recently.  Check this post for a step by step how to use.

Stay tuned for more face cleansing mixes soon!

Do Tell

Have you ever washed your face using a 'kit' of dry and wet ingredients? Which liquids and powders did you use?


María said…
What a fantastic idea, as usual ;) I have a bag of powdered ride a wee abandoned and I can now give it a good use :)
María said…
What a fantastic idea, as usual ;) I have a bag of powdered ride a wee abandoned and I can now give it a good use :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Maria - Be sure and let us know how your mix is to use :)
Anonymous said…
My skin loves your dry FDF cleansers (flowers dirt food). I have quite reactive skin, whereby it clogs very easily and it will throw an angry rash tantrum if I don't use my FDF cleanser as my night cleanser. I change it up every batch but the basis is still the same, Rhassoul/Fillers Earth/Kaolin and Almond flour/Coconut Milk as well. Managed to find some rose petal powder November last and used it in my FDF over the winter. Smells bliss.
Reading this I think I have found a possible morning cleanser (as FDF is a little drying in the am). Coconut milk powder, Rose powder and a little kaolin clay. This will make things so much easier for travelling.

As a tip, I usually forget I have made a cup of green or chamomile tea and it goes cold. I still drink it but I will use it to mix my dry cleansers. Can't hurt right?

I just wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing your projects and musings, they are gold!
LisaLise said…
Hey there Anon - Thank you so much for your kind words! And what a super idea about using these dry mixes for travel. I love the idea of using coconut milk powder and am not on my way to source some for my own mix. :)
Anna said…
Lise, I love these powders but I find clays are drying for my face, is there a good substitute for it?
LisaLise said…
Hi Anna- try replacing the clay with colloidal oats. :)