How to: All Natural DIY Conditioning Hair Cleanser

Not only is this pure simplicity to make and a snap to use, but I'm betting you'll be bowled over by how beautifully this little combo is going to cleanse and condition your hair - in one simple process.

Bowled. Over.

If I hadn't tried this mix numerous times with repeated identical fabulous results, I wouldn't have believed it was possible to cleanse and condition the hair and scalp so effectively.

But I have.

And it is an absolute winner.

Are you ready to be bowled over?

Then let's get busy!

You've already learned how to make rhassoul instant hair wash (if not, find links below). Today we're going to include an all-natural hair conditioner – banana.

Why Banana

Even though banana has a reputation of being 'good for hair', I have never looked into why – before now.

A quick search on banana's properties and capabilities (with application to hair) brought up a study (on lab rats) that indicated it is a potential hair growth stimulant. This peaked my interest in musa sapientum's properties even more.

More research on what science has to say about banana is now officially on my to-do list. I promise to update when I have collected more info.

Meantime, let's put this ingredient to use!


Amounts and Proportions

Each packet should contain a single application. The amounts below are what works ideally for my (short, fine, normal-to-dry-depending-on-the-time-of-year) hair.

If you have thicker, longer, or curly hair, you will require more powder. An estimate: very long thick hair may need as much as double the amounts listed here. Very coily/curly hair may need to triple the amounts.

As to proportions – I tried several combos and ratios and found that the banana had most to offer in the way of conditioning when it was between 10-20% of the total amount.

My packets consist of:
  • 9 grams of rhassoul 
  • 1 gram banana powder

You may only need the scale the first time you make these packets. Keep a note of how many teaspoons/tablespoons of each powder you add to the weight. 

After weighing out your powders, combine and package them in portion pouches and staple shut.

Store dry until use.

Tip: It is important to keep your packets 100% dry until use. There is no preservative, so contact with moisture before use is a no no.

Finding The Perfect Proportions

You may want to try a few different proportions and amounts to find what works best for your hair.

Here's a shot of one of my first sessions. Finding the optimal banana/rhassoul proportions took a few tries.

Tip: Label and date each portion while you are trying out different amounts and proportions. I went through several different batches before arriving at what my hair loved best.

Ready to wash your hair with your mixture? Read a step by step how to right here.

Have fun!

Do Tell

Have you ever worked with powdered banana? How did you use it? Please feel free to drop a comment below.

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Hi PoojaPal - try going through Google translate - that should give you the page in English :)