Mallow Face Cleanser Kit - Part 2 - the 'Additives'

We're going to get busy with the mallow gel we made recently and use it with another easy-to-make cleansing product. You may remember a short series entitled 'wash your face with flowers, dirt and food' a while back.

If not, don't worry – there are links!

Today, we're going to combine 2 easy-to-make products to create an instant face-mask-cleanser kit!


You'll need


Why are We Doing This, Lise?

Combining these 2 products makes for a face cleanser/mask that is not only simple to make and use, but also leaves skin fresh, clean, and beautifully soft.

The best part? It's 100% personalize-able (is that a word?). When you make your own flowers, dirt and food mixture, you're choosing and using the exact herbs, plants, and clays that suit your skin the best.

In short, you can't go wrong - regardless of your skin type!

Here's how to use these 2 together.

Wash Your Face With The Mallow Cleanser Kit

1. Squeeze out  approx. a teaspoon of the gel into your palm.

2. Drizzle about a teaspoon of flowers-dirt-and-food mixture on the gel.

3. Mix the 2 together until you have a spreadable consistency.

4. Apply to your face and neck and massage gently.

Here's the fun part:
you can either rinse immediately, or leave the mixture on for 2-3 minutes (an instant mask) for extra skin-pampering loveliness.

Because the dry ingredients are mixed with this mucilage-rich gel, your skin gets an instant nourishment boost.

5. Rinse

6. Pat dry

7. (optional, but fabulous) Mist your face and neck with hydrosol or quality skin tonic
Finish with a few drops of face oil.

Enjoy your fabulous-looking skin!

This combo is so skin-friendly, you can use it every day.

Tip: Want to remove your make-up first? Easy peasy - start by using the gel solo to remove foundation, eye makeup (except waterproof mascara).

Coming Up

This skin cleansing method has inspired me to make more dry-mix combos to try with the gel. Stay tuned for more face cleansing fun!

Make the Different Components to Your Kit

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