Soap-free Mean Green Face Cleanser

This would have looked prettier if the product hadn't decided to spill up into the lid while I was transporting it ever so carefully to the right place in the refrigerator so it could set.

Nonetheless: pictured above is my latest fave soap-free cleanser - a combo of green ingredients that are great for the Fall season, look fun on the face (the green monster look is all the rage), and smell fabulous to boot.

Here's how to put together a 'Mean Green' soap-free facial cleanser.


The fats in this cleanser are cocoa butter, palm oil and castor oil. You can use other fats, but this combo works beautifully on my skin. It also usually makes for the perfect texture (not too runny and not too stiff). Powders and dry ingredients will behave differently depending on how they are combined, so the texture of the final product can vary. You have to experiment with what works best for you, but if you're brand new to making this kind of cleanser, find a link to the basic formula below.

The dry ingredients were chosen partly for color, but also for their skin-loving qualities. This batch combines spirulina, chamomille, green clay, and green tea. I've worked with all of these in both face cleansers and masks before, and my skin loves them one and all.

The powdered apple was added purely for its scent.

Preservative is added because of the very nature of this product.

Is Preservative Necessary in a Water-Free Product?

Even though this is an anhydrous formula, a preservative is added because moisture does have a chance of being introduced to the mixture during use.

Only if you are willing to be ridiculously meticulous while using and storing your face cleanser - only use a make-up spatula to apply and never allow anything even remotely moist to get near the jar, you might consider leaving out preservative.

But, let's get real: this is a face cleanser that is supposed to live in the bathroom next to the sink. It's going to be exposed to water and moisture the second you take the lid off, so do yourself a bacteria-inhibiting favor and add the preservative.


Slowly melt the fats until they are thoroughly melted. Add dry ingredients, stir, pour into container (pictured top left).

Chill until set. (you can chill too.)

Add a (date) label.

Use with unabandoned joy.

You Can Too

This kind of face cleanser is very easy to make - even if you've never tried making your own skin care products before. The method is simple enough to be beginner friendly, yet allows for enough experimentation with ingredients to make it a continuously fun process to design your own perfect personal cleanser.

I hope I've inspired you to give it a try!

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María said…
It's a wonderful idea, and so green! XD
I'm pretty sure that it will work beautifully on the skin, as all your products:)
LisaLise said…
Thank you María - what a lovely thing to say! I must admit, I look quite the green monster with this mixture on, but it does a lovely job. :)
MissPolymer said…
This is a very interesting product :) And I love the green colour! Just a question - how easy does it rinse off taking into account the heavy cocoa butter? Do you use a hot muslin cloth to clean it off?
LisaLise said…
Hey there Miss Polymer (love the name!) - I usually remove these fat-based cleansers with moistened cotton rounds. They work like a dream. When most of the product is removed, rinse, pat dry and enjoy. :)
Tina CPH said…
Looks great! I need a new cleanser soon and with fall coming a more rich cleanser would be great!