LisaLise at the Make-up Department


Andoy said…
I love reading your blogs.

From the other side as a seller; It is easy to sell paraben-free. People either; 1. don't know about it, 2. think it's irrelevant or 3. really hate it... so paraben-free will sell to all 3 groups. Yourself being a small 4th category. However, is it possible to positively market parabens as a better ingredient?

I have been researching marketing capaigns in cosmetics and come up with zilch other than a few pages on some websites explaining preservatives (not really marketing, more explanations).

I'm coming to the conclusion it's pointless highlighting it to the first group as it might worry them unnecessarily, the 2nd group don't care and the 3rd group won't be converted thru marketing messages (which is not a good medium to convey a complicated message). So fighting the paraben-free marketing machinery is an uphill struggle.

Despite increase in sensitisation and failure with other preservatives. People in the 3rd category are growing as a result of general fear from ingredients that may cause concern. So instead of being converts to parabens because of failure of alternatives, they just add more things to the list of bad chemicals.
LisaLise said…
Thank you for your kind words Andoy - I do realise it is a struggle to educate consumers about ingredients and I also can appreciate the problem manufacturers struggle with - fighting a scare-campaign the media is thriving on is a particularly tough one.

Nonetheless, I believe it should be the sworn duty of those 'who know' to enlighten/educate/inform those 'who don't know'.

The Body Shop ran a campaign several years ago with a slogan that has in many ways become a mantra for me:

That kind of says it all, don't you think?.
Olivia J said…
I love reading about everyone's adventures at the cosmetic counter, after all it does become quite a feat!

Funny you should mention the parabens, I have noticed the makeup I have bought without parabens may be great in the beginning due to texture but they go bad pretty quickly. I notice a rancid smell much more quickly which I didn't have when no one gave a scare about parabens.
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - You make an excellent point. Paraben preservatives do have a long and proven record and have been a favourite for make-up in particular. I'm sure if you check the 'use by' date on your make-up without parabens, it is shorter than it used to be. This is one of the prices of using alternative preservatives.