How To - Foaming Face Wash with Plants

Even though I normally prefer a healthy dose of luxury factor in my products, there were many positives to be had with this little exercise in 'roots' skin care (you'll get the subtle pun here in a minute).

As a matter of fact, these face washes are both so back-to-the-roots, you may even find them too earthy for your taste.

Today, we're going to use SoapNut and/or SoapRoot as a face cleanser (that subtle pun should start kicking in about now).

If you haven't made a decoction of either yet, you can find a how-to for Soapnut right here and one for Soaproot right here.

And once that's done, here's how to use either (or both) to wash your face.


Face and neck (your own is probably best)
Soaproot or Soapnut decoction (ideally in a foam bottle)
Face brush (optional, but a real good idea)


Tie back hair (if necessary)
Pump desired foam onto a small face brush
Apply (to dry skin) and use the same method you use with any other face wash, massaging the skin gently with small circular motions – taking special care to avoid the eye area
Pat dry
Finish with your regular face products

The Face Brush Thing

A small face brush is particularly suited to both of these cleansers because applying with a face brush gives you (almost) complete control.

And trust me, with both of these cleansers, you want control.

Without control, soapnut or soaproot can get into your eyes. Both have an equally uncanny ability to produce a surprisingly unpleasant amount of stinging, tears, and redness.

Aside from the control thing, a face brush is a fabulous little thing to have at hand in general. This simple, inexpensive tool has super-soft bristles that help cleanse and gently exfoliate in a truly pleasant manner.

Tip: Choose water-based cleansers (gels, cleansing waters, etc) when using a face brush. Fat and oil based cleansers tend to result in far too much brush-cleansing time.

Coming Up

Next time we revisit soaproot and soapnut decoction, it will be to see how they compare as face cleansers

Do Tell

Have you tried either of these as a face wash? What were your experiences?


TinaCPH said…
And there is the post I was looking for :-) How did the two soaps feel on your skin? Do tell :-)
LisaLise said…
Hi Tina - I have an upcoming post where the two are compared in entailed- but here's a sneak preview: they both feel quite neutral to work with, but both do a surprisingly good job!