Rose and Lavender Cleanser

Both rose and lavender are favorites of mine.


I love both to pieces – whether dried, powdered, as essential oil or hydrosol – I'm totally smitten.

In truth, I am so addicted to rose and lavender that I will start to quietly panic if my stock of either starts to get low - in any form.

So, it was only a question of time before these 2 were paired and put into a cleanser.

Here's how I put this nourishing, gentle cleanser together, and what else I included.

The Ingredients

Trying different combos of herbs, flowers, clays and fats is a never-ending passion. For this mix, dried lavender was whizzed to a fine powder and combined with lotus, rose, (whizzed) oats and 2 clays.

The clay is mostly white clay, but because the powdered rose is a bit dull on the color side, I decided to 'bump up the lavender' with a bit of violet clay. Violet clay is 'merely' white clay with added color. I buy mine from Aroma Zone (see under links on the sidebar), and it packs a serious punch of color that makes almost every product I add it to look positively edible.

The fats in this mix are palm oil, coconut oil and a blend of almond and castor oils. These are all melted gently over low heat, then the dry ingredients are added. The mixture is stirred, then poured up.

I could have added essential oils, but wanted to see how far the dried flowers could 'carry' the scent in this first attempt.

Here's the mixture just after I poured it up – a lovely, purple-y blend that has the most delicious lavender/rose scent on the planet.

This batch turned out a titch runny, so I will probably be tweaking the formula for batch number 2 (which there definitely will be). Meantime, thumbs up on both scent and cleansing power.

Want to make your own? It's easy!

Here's a how to on doing your own soap-free, bar-in-a-jar cleanser