Powdered Apple - Instant Natural Perfume!

Meet my latest (ingredient) love. Not the lady – the apples!

Yes, really - apples.

This common fruit brings all kinds of happiness to your nose when it is added to a skin care product.

Pyrus malus fruit extract is quite literally helping me through this extended time of limited lab space access and product development.

Since my first order recently arrived (and you can bet there will be more), I've been adding a sprinkling of apple powder to my foam body wash. Result: that flash of natural perfume is making me pump out a bit more product than usual.

Ok, I admit it. I'm an apple junkie. The crisp, fresh scent of green apples is positively exhilarating! I even open the jar regularly – just to take a sniff.

Apples Other Offerings

Apples do have more to offer than a lovely scent. There is a natural content of vitamins, antioxidants, sugars, and fruit acids to pamper and benefit skin with moisturizing and soothing goodness.

Apple's fruit acids are often present in peeling products. You've heard of AHA's, right? Apple contains malic acid - an alpha-hydroxy acid.

Apple's inherent properties are great for dry, mature skin, fine lines, and dull complexions.

However, let's be completely and utterly honest here.

Although the natural content of malic acid promises hydrating and regenerating properties, don't expect any anti-aging miracles by adding the powdered apple extract to your products.

What you can expect is 100% aromatic pleasure with a few added 'might be good for you but as yet not scientifically documented because it hasn't been tested thoroughly yet' types of benefits.

Yet, because of that juicy, fresh scent, I can live with that.

Do Tell

Would you be willing to forgive an ingredient bringing little more than a powerful natural perfume to your products?

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Christopher said…
Interesting. Ive been trying out a few FO but all of them smell really perfumy which I cannot stand. Perhaps I should give this a go. How subtle is the smell? I want it to be noticeable.
Olivia J said…
Interesting to use powdered apple as a cosmetic ingredient. I do love the fragrance. I wonder how a powder apple blush would do? After all blush on the apple of the cheeks is always youthful. Okay bad joke but interesting to see how you will incorporate this.
LisaLise said…
HI Christopher - The scent is not overpowering at all. Because it is a natural product, it reacts much like essential oils - a strong 'hit' at the beginning, then dissipates. Still strong enough to be noticeable.

HI Olivia - I fell for this right away. Your idea of using this in a blush sounds fabulous!
fantomia said…
So is this powdered apple a natural extract - freeze dried or? can I ask- from where you get this loveliness?
LisaLise said…
Hi Inger Marie - Check out Aroma Zone for this highly addictive ingredient. There is a link to it on the sidebar. :)
Christopher said…
Hey again Lise!

Did you have troubles dispersing the powder? I made a hand lotion today with strawberry powder (10 % of my total formula). The powder itself looks homogeneous, but when I added it to water it started to clump. Heating helped remedy this to some extent but there's still tiny red stuff floating around. I could always strain it I guess.
LisaLise said…
Hi Christopher - I haven't worked with strawberry powder, but it sounds like 10% is a pretty fair amount. With the apple (which is quite intense) , I haven't gone over 3%, so my initial thought is the percentage. I've had no probs w dispersing the apple at all. Hope this helps!
Christopher said…
Thanks Lise, back to the drawing board!
LisaLise said…
That's actually the fun part for me :)