Green Tea and Apple Cleanser

In a recent post, I raved to you about the fabulous natural perfuming power of powdered apple. After enjoying it as an addition to my foaming hair and body wash, I just had to add it to a face cleanser to see how it fares in an anhydrous formula.

Guess what.

It fares quite happily.

The scent of fresh apple is an absolutely fabulous treat to the nose while the rest of the ingredients are do their gently cleansing duty.

Here's a peek at the ingredients and process of putting together my latest cleanser.

To complement the apple, chamomille, amla and green tea were chosen. The dried herbs were duly pulverized to ensure the smoothest of face cleansing experiences.

The dried ingredients were added to (gently heated) palm and castor oils, mixed and packaged.

Here's the mixture right after pouring.

This type of soap-free cleanser is relatively easy to make and can be tailored to your desires and preferences.

Learn the basics right here. 
The natural perfuming power of apple


TinaCPH said…
Looks good enough to eat Lise :-)
Love these mixes!
Anonymous said…
Love the smell of apples. Can I buy amla and apple powder by english/danish websites in EU?
Olivia J said…
I wish I could smell this through your webpage! Looks great1
LisaLise said…
Hi Tina - Thanks! I almost feel like they are good enough to eat too!

Hi Anon - Amle and apple powder can both be purchased at the French company Aroma Zone. If you donut speak French, try visiting the site through Google Translate - voilá- all English!

Hi Olivia - I wish there was a scent button too! :)
María said…
That is an amazing idea!!
LisaLise said…
María - Thank you! I've zipped through this batch and am already working on batch 2… loving this fresh scent!!
Alana said…
I love the scent of green apples, so I would like to make this one day (I don't have any apple powder). However, I was wondering is the final product gritty because I don't believe apple powder is oil soluble as well as the other plant powders used. Does it mix well in the balm?
LisaLise said…
Hi Alana — there is no grittiness at all in this cleanser. The apple powder is very smooth and also water soluble so dissovles easily during use.