Tinas Hand Crafted Soaps

The other day, I received a package. Here's what was inside: An avocado soap, an oatmeal yoghurt soap, a honey, cream & lanolin soap (up there on the left), and sample sizes of rose and egg soap.

Tina has been making her own hand-crafted soap for a while and is considering opening an online shop. She asked me if I would mind trying out her creations and giving her my feedback.

Included in the package was a detailed hand-written ingredients list for each soap. Just reading them was enough to get my appetite going – yoghurt, avocado oil, oatmeal, rose, egg (yes, really), honey, and cream.

My feedback?

Love the feel.

Love the scent.

Love the look.

And, after a week of non-stop testing, I have fallen well and truly in love with Tinas beautiful creations.

Tina,  how soon until your shop opens?


María said…
Ahhhhh! There is nothing in the world as home made soap :) and this looks great.
LisaLise said…
Hi María - tru dat! :)
Signe said…
I don't use any other kind of soaps or shampoos anymore - hand made soaps are just so much better in every way. :) And those you got look and sound so lovely, I'd like to try them too...
LisaLise said…
Signe - do you make your own? The one thing I have never tried is cold processed soap--- one day maybe..
TinaCPH said…
Thank you for your kind words Lise, I am so happy that you like them :-)

The soaps started developing in my mind as I was making balms and peeling/washing powders and reading more about cosmetic products. It is very fascinating to see how they turn out. My poor friends have had to listen to a lot of talk about soapmaking and have been testing them for a while now. I like to make both more "natural" soaps with e.g. egg, carrot juice, honey and avocado, but also some colorful soaps with micas and scents.

I am working on selling my soaps and will keep you informed :-)
Unknown said…
Wow.. Tina I would love if you could direct me as to a starting point in what you have provided here? The all natural alvacado, olive oil soaps? I am new and I am just in love with the pictures and can only imagine how they make your skin feel.