Orange and Amla Cleanser with Soaproot

Here is my latest soap-free cleanser – it contains ayurvedic amla, orange peel powder and soaproot.


Calling this cleanser soap-free is a bit unfair. There is actually some 'soapiness' in this cleanser. Soaproot (soapwort or about 50 other names) gets its name for a reason. It is an all natural surfactant in the form of a plant (yes, really).

I have used soaproot in deconcoctions as an addtion to my cream cleansers. This is the first time I'm adding it directly into a mix.

The Ingredients

Along with the orange, amla and powdered soaproot, white clay is added to the mix. The oils in this mixture are castor oil (very slow to absorb and ideal for cleansing) and palm oil.

The preservative I am using in this cleanser is a cocktail of ethylparaben, methylparaben and phenoexethynol. Even though this is an anhydrous formula, the product does come into contact with water during use (for example, dipping wet fingers into the jar), so it is necessary to add a preservative.

Fresh Out of the Lab

Because it's straight out of the lab, there will be updates on how this cleanser is working in coming posts.

Meantime, maybe you've been inspired to make your own...

DIY - It's Easy!

It's really not difficult to create your own soap-free cleanser – check this post for a how-to.

More About Some of the Ingredients

Ayurvedic Amla


María said…
This idea of yours is gorgeous (as always), but I think that, at least to me, the cleansers I've made with herbs have a less pleasant texture than the cleansers made with clay only. I think it's the grain.
Clay normally is micronized very finely, but herbs not as much to my taste.
Or maybe it's just me.
Please let us know how it's going. I don't have soapwort but I do have aritha (which is grounded soap nuts).
Anonymous said…
Where do you buy your Amla from?

LisaLise said…
Hi Betty - check the sidebar under links. It's a French company called Aroma Zone
LisaLise said…
Hi María - I know what you mean about the grainy feeling of herbs. Clay is absolutely a smoother feeling. Some grains do add a bit of exfoliating action though, and I feel the soap root is giving me just that with this mix. To go super smooth with grains, try breaking them up with a (dedicated) coffee grinder)-- this gives me great results (I've got a 'tip' post coming up on that one!). Have a great week-