Cleansing Bar Catalog Update

I've been a bit lazy about updating you on the latest additions to the cleansing bar catalog. That changes now! 

The World of No Soap Cleansing

So many people have not only started making their own versions of my no-soap cleansing bars, but they have been great about getting back to me and sharing their recipes and experiences. 

The world of cleansing bar creativity just continues to expand!

Above is one of the latest additions to the cleaning bar catalog - straight to you from Serbia and made by the lovely Gordana, who sent me the photo above. 

"I use cleansing bars as a part of my evening face cleaning routine and think that I am hooked with this type of product :)  "

Thanks once again for sharing your version and recipe with us, Gordana!

See Gordanas recipe here 
Tip: if you don't speak or read Serbian, you may want to go through Google Translate