The Best Way to Detox

Detoxing has become an integral part of the beauty and health industry – and a veritable jungle of options. There are courses, diets, programmes, and even beauty & personal care products that promise to draw out toxins, cleanse your body and leave you squeaky clean inside.

With all the undesirables we consume, are surrounded by and inhale on a daily basis, it stands to reason we need to detox, doesn't it?

So, what's the best way to detox?





Well, here's the good news: you already have a whole lot going on in the detox department.

Voluntary Toxin Intake

If you've been anywhere on planet Earth in recent years, the countless adverts and non-stop campaigns on the benefits of quitting smoking have probably crossed your path a few times. And if you're a smoker, you've probably been made to feel like a criminal every time you light up.

Ok, it's a fact that cigarette smoke is toxic. No question. Absolutely undisputed.

But here's the good news.

To detox from (even decades of) smoking, you need to do only one thing – you need to put down the smokes and not pick them up again.

Your body starts to repair itself as soon as the last cigarette is snuffed. Your body does this automatically. Your lungs can completely repair themselves over the course of a decade or so.

That's kind of cool, don't you think? No prompting, pills or powders are necessary to start the detox process – even after long-term voluntary toxin intake!

So, even though the market is full of detox offers and products from here to Honolulu, I'll lay money you already know the all time, sure-fire best detox method of all.

The Best Detox Method of All

It isn't very earth-shattering. It's not the least bit sexy either. You may even think it sounds a bit like something your grandmother would say.

Are you ready?

The best way to detox is to live healthily.

Eat healthy foods - lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, whole grain products, moderate sugar, stay clear of processed foods, exercise regularly, don't smoke, moderate intake of liquor, don't overeat or undereat... do I need to continue?

I didn't think so.

See? I told you you already knew.

And as For all Those Detox Products 

If you want to spend money on detox products, it is of course completely up to you. But the thing you will be 'detoxing' most of all will be your pocketbook.

I shall leave you with the wise words of the man who inspired this blog post – cosmetic scientist Colin Sanders:
"We have detox capabilities throughout the body with special capabilities in the liver.  There is very little that can beat these protective systems built up over our evolutionary history. 
So there is no need to invest in proprietary drinks or special diets.  As for the various skin patches and foot pads that are supposed to absorb toxins, well the idea is simply laughable."
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