When Soap Goes Soft - Super Soft

Above: a mix of mild surfactants and organic hydrosols. I've been using this particular formula for what feels like forever, and my skin hasn't 'grown tired of it' yet.

It's even received a few different names along the way- depending on how it is used.

Is it Runny, Honey?

I won't lie. Viscosity is a challenge when working with plant-based ingredients and super-mild surfactants. I've come to believe the thick-flowing product you see in commercially manufactured shower-and-bath products is pretty much unattainable without 'cheating' (read: going a harsher and petrochemical route). I could be wrong, but my experience tells me otherwise.

The fact that this is super mild, plant-based, 100% unscented (yet still has a light and lovely scent due to the hydrosols), and still gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin kind of makes it ok that it's not quite as 'slow-flowing' as all those brand name products out there.

It's also versatile enough to be used straight up (as you see here), or diluted and packaged in a foam bottle for the softest of soapy experiences.

It is both shampoo and body wash and even gentle enough for babies, why I have named it Gently Does it Hair and Body Foam Wash.

About the Ingredients  


Rikke said…
Ja her er vi vist i den modsatte ende af skalaen i forhold til den kradse indholdsliste, jeg vist dig på Facebook. Jeg synes, at de runde beholdere er rigtig fine.

kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Hej Rikke,

Ja, der siger du noget! Jeg er også svært glad for de runde beholdere :)