More Than 5 Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Season is coming up. Wouldn't it be great to be able to give a little gift to everyone you like? I mean, everyone? Neighbors, friends, the local greengrocer who always puts the choicest veggies aside just for you, and the lady next door who always offers to keep an eye on the house when you're away?

Being able to give everyone a little token of appreciation and recognition can be awfully taxing on the budget.

But. There are ways.

By creating a few select hand-made items in bulk, you can show your appreciation with a truly personal gift without breaking your budget and bring a smile to the face of everyone you want to include.

Here are a few DIY ideas to inspire you - all previously posted on this blog.

Raw Oat Hand and Body Cleasning Bags
These are great for both guys and gals, young and old. If you are super handy, sew your own muslin bags, but the little organza bags you can buy are also quite effective and pretty.

Anti -stuffy-nose and/or Aromatherapy Inhalers
If you already work with essential oils, this is a no-brainer! Your main expense (which isn't all that bad) is the containers (there's a link to my supplier in the post).

Face Wash with Flowers, Food and Dirt
This gift looks best without a label. Find a lovely container to show off the contents and include an 'instructions for use for the perfect personalized finish.

Sweet Lip Scrub Kit
Honey and sugar are all you need to put together this sweet lip-care kit. Make your own 'instruction for use' folder to complete this personalized present.

Oatmeal and Clay Cleansing Bars
These no-soap cleansers are great for all skin types and easy to make. Remember to include an ingredients list.

Bonus Idea (pictured at the top): No-Bake All Natural Candy with no added sugar

And There's More

Check out the How To page for more inspiration. Have fun!


María said…
Great idea as always! Thank you for sharing all this with us :)
I remember a few years ago that I made some chocolates for my then boyfriend (now husband), that adores super dark chocolateb and mint.
Easy peasy: I melted some dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), and when tempered, I added a few drops of peppermint essential oil, mix well and put into nice little chocolate moulds ;)
LisaLise said…
Hi María - oooh your mint chocolate sounds absolutely divine! I've always wanted to try and 'copy' the after eight mint and chocolate candy - so this looks like it's worth trying!!