Have Formula - Will Travel

Sooo, this gal is pretty much prepared for any situation now. By grabbing the trusty carrier-case you see here, I can now formulate on the run!

(insert Bond-style music)

(Clip to scene with gorgeous babe in high heels, sunglasses, and lab coat dashing down city street with carrier case)

OK, it's not all fun and games. I was actually kind of forced into this.

Transformational Therapy

This is what happens when the ingredients stockroom has been transformed into a combined carpentry-and-plumbing-workshop complete with dust, dirt and other things that cosmetics-making ingredients and tools aren't the least bit happy to be around.

One relocates.

And in the course of relocating, one sorts.

And in the course of sorting, one organizes.

And even though it's a bit of a chore, there is a positive outcome – like getting busy with new formulas!

So despite the work, I've decided this little exercise has helped turn me into a lean, mean formulating machine.

Now excuse me while I grab a container of xanthan and whip up a little surprise.

(fade Bond-style music)