Happy Holiday - PJ Day

Does your family have a PJ day during the holiday season? That's a day where no one has to cook.

Or clean.

Or entertain company.

Or even get dressed if they don't want to.

On PJ day it's ok to sit around in your PJ's all day and watch films, read a book, or play games and eat goodies until it's time for bed.

It's complete and utter relaxation for a whole day.

I'm looking forward to our PJ day (maybe we can even sneak an extra day in this year).

Happy holiday! Happy PJ Day!

See you soon.


Olivia J said…

Oh yes, I love PJ days! Those are the best and no guilt whatsoever!

Have a great New Year! I enjoy your blog very much!


alicyn said…
it might happen by accident / pure luck, but this sounds like something that should be made a tradition!

hope you're having a great holiday season. :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - Thanks so much for your lovely compliment, and have a wonderful New Year!
LisaLise said…
Hi Alicyn - Yes indeedy! It's the best kind of tradition and one I wish were attached to more holidays!

Best of wishes to you and your family!