Bamboo Hydrosol - Soothing Mystery Mist

This is a brand new acquaintance for me. Who knew it was possible to make hydrosol from bamboo? Ask the French, and you'll find it most certainly is. Bamboo hydrosol has a lovely, light, subtle scent that is both pleasant and mild.

Although bamboo is quite a common plant, the hydrosol is pricey enough to place it alongside orange blossom and rose - so we're looking at an ingredient for a higher-end budget.

1:1 Ratio

Bamboo hydrosol is made in a ratio of 1:1. This means, it takes a kilo of bamboo leaves and stems to create a liter of hydrosol. The hydrosol is made by steam-distilling leaves and stems.


Phyllostachys aurea – more commonly known as or Golden Bamboo or Fishpole Bamboo – is a hardy bamboo type that both can (and will) survive quite harsh conditions. For this very reason, it is also on the 'warning list' of some gardeners. This common bamboo can easily take over larger areas if not kept in tow.

The bamboo used for my hydrosol is certified 100% organic and grown, harvested, and distilled in France.

Bamboo Can

To my surprise, I have only been able to find information about topical use of bamboo (as hydrosol) from one source: my supplier. Either this is because they are first movers (which might well be true), or they're working on the 'if A, then B' logic.

Either way, I'm giving this hydrosol a chance because, well, I'm just downright curious about it.

According to Aroma Zone, bamboo hydrosol contains several skin and hair loving properties, among them:

  • Silica rich content leaves the skin with a silky feel
  • Soothing for skin
  • Anti-inflammatory (good for hemorrhoid flare-ups)

Testing Mister

At the moment I am testing this – as I do every new hydrosol – straight up as a spray-on mist/tonic. Because there is no added preservative, the hydrosol 'lives' in the refrigerator and regularly refills the tester bottle.

This slim spray tester is the same as these hydrosol wands. It's the perfect size and allows for on-the-go misting (my favorite kind). I rarely make a proper label for ingredients testing of this nature, so the little round 'bam' and 'boo' are as close to a label as it gets.

First Impressions

The feel and scent of this lovely liquid is so enjoyable that I foresee a couple of bottles disappearing before this hydrosol is incorporated into any emulsion or other mix.

Meantime, I'll continue digging around for documentation and more information on why or if bamboo hydrosol could be the next big thing.


Daves Garden has an extensive review of the pros and cons of how this bamboo fares in a garden environment.
Data sheet - Bamboo Hydrosol by Aroma Zone


María said…
I've also tried the bamboo hydrosol a long time ago, and to be honest, I did not find a big change (at least, myself), but I have the skin pretty normal. above all since I make my own cosmetics ;)
However, I remember making a micellar water + day cream to a colleague with oily skin and she told me she felt the skin less "fatty" (as she said), like she did not have the feeling of oil spreading all over her face as with commercial products (unfortunately she does not work with me anymore).
I think it could work for people with oily skin.
I only purchased one little bottle and when I finished I did not buy more, maybe I would need more time to see its effects. Let us know!!
LisaLise said…
Hi María - You are a first mover! I know what you mean by this feeling 'less fatty' - they do recommend this hydrosol for oily skin. Yes, they also recommend it for mature skin (which is usually anything but oily). I can totally see this working well in a cleanser., and will now be trying this in my next gel cleanser. Thanks for the inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Hi - we are in the process of developing a range of bamboo hydrosols as well as essential oils, finding that each species has quite a distinct aroma. Plus each species is grown in an area that has contributed towards restoring large areas of forest or degraded landscape. We'd love to hear more about your experience!
LisaLise said…
Hey there epb laboratories - are you making hydrosols? I'm interested in hearing more. If you visit my website: and go to the contact page, you can send me some more info :)