When Bigger Isn't Better

Mini sized anything fascinates me - but I find mini sized cosmetics particularly irresistible. Aside from being so adorable looking you just want to put them your purse and carry them around, the mini-sized container can actually be preferable to a normal sized container.

I discovered this with these sample-size mascara containers. They hold a mere 4 ml (check them next to my normal sized business card), but they're perfect – not for mascara samples (well, ok, yes, that too), but for my eyelash conditioner.

Sometimes, bigger is definitely not better.

Bigger? No Thanks

The larger, normal-sized container I've been using so far isn't very ideal for this product. Not only does it hold a huge amount, but the brush is too short – it doesn't reach anywhere near the bottom, resulting in a lot of product going to waste. (serious design flaw!)

Here's the container.  It's not the most appealing shape, and it's see-through. This is just not a good thing.

Everything You Don't Want to See

Imagine you are not quite as fastidious about removing your mascara as you should be. (I know you are, but imagine you are me and a consistently a bit slap-dash about the process).

The bit of mascara that is left on your lashes is going to transfer to your lash conditioner brush and end up in your see-through container - a little bit more each day.

Before long, your lovely lash conditioner looks new below where the brush reaches, while the entire top will have the most unappealing grey-ish, left-over-mascara color on the planet.

You see where I'm going here?

Nobody wants a constant, daily reminder of their sloppy mascara-removing process, do they?

So I started hunting, and as luck would have it, I got lucky.

With these small containers, it is possible to package a portion that lasts for about a month, and gets used up long before it goes yucky-looking. Extra bonus: it's just as cute as a button to look at and easy to use.

In this case, size definitely matters.


Tina Rasmussen, CPH said…
That's perfect Lise!
I've been lucky to sample this and it's a great product but I agree the containers were very large. Smaller is bigger here :-)
LisaLise said…
Hi Tina - Wonderful! So glad you like these (and the product!) :D
Kim said…
Where did you get these from? So cute! You have really good taste in packaging and labeling :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Kim - thanks for your kind words! I believe these small sample sizes were on offer for a while from Aroma Zone (check the links on the sidebar), but I don't know if they still have them. I have a habit of ordering packaging I like as soon as I see something I like - regardless of whether I have immediate use for it. Because of this, I have a stock of different containers in small amounts. When I go to reorder, the item is often no longer available-- it's a bit of a curse not being able to order larger amounts at a time..
Anonymous said…
Hi Lise i came to your site because my daughter & i had very bad reactions to hair dye,after having used it for many years without a problem all of a sudden we developed itchy scalp & hair loss from using a hair dye we had been using for years,we changed the type of coloring we used & still had the problem,one day my daughter heard of using sweet & Low in the coloring to prevent the type of reactions we were having,my daughter tried it & it worked for her,now she is able to color her hair without any type of allergic reaction,simply by adding the sweet & Low to her hair coloring,thanks for lending the ear.
LisaLise said…
Hey there Anon - thanks for sharing this. I'm so pleased your daughter found a solution!